Automotive Collision And Repair Certifications

Technical Certifications Training Programs
Professionals who receive their automotive collision and repair certification are capable of repairing vehicles that were involved in a collision. They require a specialized degree of training to become certified in the field. Sufficient knowledge relating to the automotive industry and an understanding of all of the technology relating to automobile repair is imperative to working in this field. General technician duties involve the straightening of any bent auto bodies, replacing parts that are damaged beyond repair and removing any dents. Technicians will work on a variety of different trucks, cars, tractor-trailers and buses.

Begin with a GED or High School Diploma

To enter into this occupation, this is often the only thing that is required. Specialized education and training on-the-job prove to be beneficial. Classes from a community college or vocational school in physics, electronics, English, mathematics, computers and chemistry are ideal. Technical and trade schools will often award students with a certificate after completing six months up to a year of training.

Don’t Forget about the Main Skills Needed

Possessing good math and reading skills that include physics, geometry and computer skills is crucial to this field. For the technician to restore a vehicle to original form, you need to follow diagrams and instructions and make precise measurements to make sure all of the sections for the body are placed accurately. Close attention to detail is important.

Obtaining Certification from the National Institute of ASE

Even though it might not be mandatory to have this certification to work in the field, it has become a pervasive credential in the industry. To advance in the workplace, you need to have your certification. A technician can take up to four ASE exams to become a master technician. For those who can’t pass all of the tests, passed exams and previous work experience might be what you need to qualify for technician status.

Retaking the Exam Every Five Years

To retain automotive collision and repair certification, you have to retake the exam every five years. Continuing training is offered through I-CAR, which can gain you the title of a platinum technician.

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