Alternative Teaching Certification

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If you are considering teaching as a second career, you may be interested in studying for alternative teaching certification. Alternative teaching certification takes less time than traditional teaching education, and is geared to the mature applicant who has experience in other professions.

State Choice
Usually different States decide whether they are going to run alternative teaching certification programs, and to some extent they impose their own conditions. Quite a lot of States that have severe teacher shortages have used alternative teaching certification programs to reduce the shortages and reduce the training time needed for mature students.

You will need a bachelor’s degree level qualification of some kind, plus a number of years’ experience working full time to qualify for an alternative teaching certification program. You may also be asked for some form of community service experience involving children or young people, and a commitment to teach for a number of years.

The typical alternative teaching certification program will involve some 15 or so months of classroom training plus teaching alongside qualified teachers. You will be assessed not only on your academic achievements, but also on your ability to teach and to communicate with students.

Teaching can be a very good second career, and for many people this is seen as a way of contributing to the community. Alternative teaching certification programs help you to do this quickly and effectively.

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