A Plus Certification Online Classes

Computer Certifications Training Programs
Today’s computer industry demands that most incoming employees have some form of certification or degree. The A Plus certification is the very basic credential for entry-level computer technicians. As the demand for skilled technician grows, there is more and more emphasis placed on having some form of validating documentation become part of the hiring process. The certification is valuable both to technicians who are just entering the computer field and to self-taught professionals who wish to consolidate their positions within the industry.

Earning the A Plus certification is an indication that the individual is qualified as a personal computer professional. The two part certification program concentrates on the physical aspects of the personal computer—the hardware. A Plus technicians are capable of identifying, evaluating, installing and upgrading the various boards, connectors and chips that make up a personal computer. They are able to build and integrate a computer system from the mainboard or motherboard, to the video and sound cards, the central processing unit (CPU) and the floppy, CD, and hard drives. They can troubleshoot and repair most computer problems and have sufficient knowledge to research and find solutions to unfamiliar issues.

The second portion of the A Plus certification training concentrates on the technology of operating systems. The operating system is the layer of software that gives the computer the instructions that make it function. The operating system performs the disk access and memory management tasks in a computer.

Studying for the A Plus certification through online classes allows working students to take classes on their own schedules and in their own locations without disrupting their family or work life.

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