A+ Certification Online

Computer Certifications Training Programs
It’s the most frustrating thing in the world. You just finished writing a long email to your best friends, and SNAP, your computer freezes, crashes, or dies. The manuals, wizards, and troubleshooting guides that came with your computer are not enough to bring your precious machine back to life. You have only 3 options.

  • Hire an expensive technician to retrieve your data and help resuscitate your computer.
  • Buy a new computer
  • Complete your A+ certification

What is A+ certification?
Sponsored by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), the A+ examination tests your knowledge of hardware/software after 6-8 months of technical experience and training. It’s internationally recognized and required for most high-end computer related jobs. Think of A+ certification as the high school diploma of the computer industry. With this entry-level PC certification, you’re qualified to fix computers and provide support for a wide variety of computer problems including (you guessed it), computer crashes and system failures. It is one of the most useful and versatile certifications you can have. Especially when you consider that the computer is not going anywhere soon. Our dependence grows each and every day.

The benefits of getting certified online
Thanks to Internet distance learning, you can receive your A+ certification entirely online. This means: no commutes, no over-enrollment, and flexible schedules. You can take A+ courses during times that are convenient for you. And you never have to leave your home. School has never been more comfortable. Your computer has never been safer. Your job prospects have never seemed more promising.

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